In a world haunted by the virus, where people are afraid of people, people are dying, we have a shelter for the little ones. Boost for their imagination. Imaginarium. Let them travel to their fantasy world.

Coloring books offer an accurate picture. Blank paper, on the other hand, is essential. The first Imaginarium serie, which supports and does not limit creativity, is in the world. It´s up to kids and their fantasies to do what will happen in the meadow, the water and the sky.

All the images you sent us will be included in the competition. You can look forward cooperations, secrets, surprises and a lot experiences coming with Imaginarium.

This looks like a beginning of a beautiful times.

The whole game is just beginning.

Prague Dreamin´

Pointsville. Partnerships of our beloved town with the Czech capital Prague was sealed in 2017 with pretty big painting of Prague by local native Daniel Point.

“One of my favourite parts of life.”

Now he present us a montage of videos capturing the image creation process. Painting is showing Czech capitol Prague, the primary stories takes place in windows, streets and the sky. “There is literally everything that came to mind then.” A lot of windows are still empty, Daniel Point fill situations with each visit, and record things that happen in our worlds.

House on fire

Some residents living in a town neighborhood in Pointsville were forced out into the cold on Sunday morning as firefighters worked to extinguish a fire in the building.

Crews were called to the Martinská street Southeast at around 8:42 a.m.
Firefighters found dense smoke and flames burning from everything. One old lady is missing. People don´t know where the owner is. It is possible that the person was in the house.
The circumstances of the fire are unclear. People say they heard a deep voice and an explosion.

24 HOURS of dotting David Gilmour from Pink Floyd

What an excelent day for a portrait. Daniel Point just finished the third 24 hours of dotting. Starting at friday midnight, finishing saturday midnight – again.

“I always do it like that. It´s just a full day work with the finish line in it and some kind of a after-party”

It looks like tradition from this point, because he did next portrait for his “Fanatics” serie for a second time. Last time he did 24 hours of dottnig, portrait of Stephen King was done, and he is in Fanatics crew too.

Fanatics is a serie of portraits of people who had dedicated their lives to the profession. You can find writers there, politics, scientists etc. Now Daniel Point introduces you new fanatic – David Gilmour.

David Jon Gilmour is an English musician who was a member of rock band Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd achieved international success with the concept albums The Dark Side of the Moon (1975), Wish You Were Here (1975), Animals (1977), and The Wall (1979).


Welcome dear finders. You entered the hidden place. Place that a lot of people find just randomly and never realized that. Place that shows only from time to time to this world.

Stories been already told and things had been already seen. Now it is YOU who will apear the world, which will charm you, enchant you and in a moment of the most pleasant peace will slash.

People can say this is just another easteregg on this planet. But when you go in once, it will stay inside you forever, and ever..and ever.